COVID-19 Response

Since January 2020, a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been rapidly spreading and has been classified by the WHO as a Pandamic. It was first detected in Wuhan (China) in late December 2019, and is associated with symptoms including fever, coughing and respiratory issues leading to mortality, especially in older people and those with a weakened immune system.

Humanity First has a number of initiatives in place including mobilising volunteers to help the vulnerable isolated at home and the homeless, hand washing points at bus stops, guidance posters and videos on symptoms and staying safe. We are also producing our own hand sanitising gel for small scale free distribution

Guidance Summary

Avoid contact

Avoid contact if possible, including travel on public transport. Work from home if at all possible

Avoid Travel

Avoid international travel until further notice as restrictions are being placed on a daily basis

Ensure hand washing

Ensure effective hand-washing several times a day or whenever contact with surfaces has increased the risk. Follow the effective hand-washing guidance.


Self-isolate as far as possible, especially those over 70 years of age and those with a compromised immune system and/or chronic health condition.

Keep distance

Where it is necessary to contact other people, do not shake hands and try to keep at least 2 metre distance from others.

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Humanity First Response News

March 2020

Africa braces itself – 24 March

As COVID-19 cases begin to emerge on the continent of Africa, fears grow that the weaker local health systems will struggle to cope. Already Ivory Coast and Senegal have announced measures to lockdown their populations similar to the actions in Europe. Humanity First has established medical teams in the region and also clinics and...

Paris Health Worker Support – 23 March

In order to help protect patients and medical staff in France, HF France team has set up triage tent outside the Clinique Du Landy (part of Ramsay Health) in Saint-Ouen, near Paris. Staff will be tested everyday for COVID-19 by their team within the HF tent before entering the clinic.

WHO – How to protect yourself against COVID-19

COVID-19 Important Information – Urdu Version


Benefits of Exercise


Symptoms of COVID-19


COVID-19 World Visualizer